2019 得 獎 者

黃 晉熙

Wong Chun Hei Colin

2019 得獎者

空間研習 | Spatial Studies

First of all I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr Chung for setting up the Bright Future Creativity Scholarship.


It is my great pleasure and honor to be one of the awardees.  The whole selection process lasted for half a year. I gained a lot from competing with other schoolmates, from setting up a mini exhibition for presenting my ideas, such learning experiences are really precious.


I am studying Higher Diploma of Architectural Design in Hong Kong Design Institute. Besides buying materials for my daily study, this scholarship allows me to prepare for my IELTS examination in the upcoming year. I have not given up on entering a bachelor programme. This scholarship would be my great resources allowing me to achieve higher.


Once again I am showing the greatest gratitude to Dr Chung who is always supportive to art and culture and local teenagers.

"The designed building provides multi-purpose spaces for the community to relax and communicate......to smoothly utilize and combine all skills within one single project, it requires the designer's best intention, passion, and eagerness."

諮詢人 | 余榮基(Rik) 老師